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Cross country skiing offer in Livigno

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Cross country skiing offer in Livigno

Cross-country skiing brings you in Valtellina

Learn the technique of cross country skiing with this pack in Livigno hotel close to the slopes and the ski school. Choose the hotel more comfortable for you
Offers for cross-country skiing in Livigno are a great idea to try the technique of Nordic skiing in the oval track that surrounds the town, through the woods.

Offers for cross-country skiing in Livigno are a great idea to try the technique of Nordic skiing in the oval track that surrounds the town, through the woods.

You can combine fun vacation in the mountains with a few lessons to the ski school in Livigno, to learn to ski or improve your technique on the snow.

Do not miss these attractive packages for skiing in Valtellina; await relaxation, comfort and many other services to Bormolini Hotels:

Hotel Sporting
Gem of the Group * wellness centre * swimming + baby pool * ideal for families * gourmet restaurant
starting from
€ 89
Hotel Loredana
Mottolino side * 100 m - chair lift * 150 m cross country skiing trail * ok for bikers * traditional restaurant
starting from
€ 48
Casa Gallo
4 apartments * renovated in 2010 * 150 m - Skilift Galli Sport * garage free * WiFi free
prezzi a partire da
€ 34
Casa Rosalba
4 apartments * town centre * 150 m - chair lift Tagliede * 100 m cross country skiing trail * WiFi free
starting from
€ 36

Prices per person per day.


Livigno: the school for all skiers

In Livigno Valtellina learning to ski is really simple, thanks to courses with ski instructors and the many ski lifts available for tourists who want to approach this sensational sport.

Those approaching for the first time for skiing will have to choose whether to pursue downhill skiing (in the slopes of the Mottolino and Carosello 3000 - where there are modern ski lifts and slopes of varying difficulty) or the pleasant sport of cross country skiing. The main difference - in addition to the type of skiing recommended, lighter for cross-country skiing - is that Nordic skiing takes place mostly on rolling terrain and movements are derived exclusively from the moves made (and not a pull of gravity when It descends from the slopes practicing alpine skiing).

The ring for cross-country skiing in Livigno starts to whiten already from November, giving athletes the opportunity to have fun skiing in the narrow path of about 40 km, at an altitude of 1800 meters. Also in Livigno there is also the competition track Molin for cross-country skiing.

The event Top of skiing is called Sgambeda

Every year there is an unmissable event for those who practice cross-country skiing and for those who love Livigno: the Sgambeda, which usually opens the season in early December in Livigno.

The Sgambeda 2019 provides a classic technique race starts and finishes at the Stadium of the Fund. The route where paths and trails through the woods offer panoramic views of the beautiful.

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