Dovolená v Livignu
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photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
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Last minute dovolená in Livigno with your kids

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Last minute dovolená in Livigno with your kids

Good ideas among families Nabídka in Livigno

Krásné procházky uprostřed přírody, a další. Dovolená v Livignu pro rodiny s dětmi je krásná a zdravá!


When your holidays give you many opportunities to smile with your childrean, do not wait even a minute to start the adventure and come in Livigno!


The Hotel Loredana’s proposals is distinguished between the various hotels’ offer  for your family holiday in Valtellina, being a true source of inspiration for parents who would like to fill the album with unforgettable moments passed to the ski slopes of the ski area or the Alta Rezia’s woods.


Discover this last minute holiday in the mountains with the kids and take advantage now!

Sporting photo
Hotel Sporting
Gem of the Group * wellness centre * swimming + baby pool * ideal for families * gourmet restaurant
special convenience
for those who book directly!
Hotel Loredana photo
Hotel Loredana
Mottolino side * 100 m - chair lift * 150 m cross country skiing trail * ok for bikers * traditional restaurant
starting from
€ 44
Casa Gallo photo
Casa Gallo
4 apartments * renovated in 2010 * 150 m - Skilift Galli Sport * garage free * WiFi free
starting from
€ 27
Casa Rosalba photo
Casa Rosalba
4 apartments * town centre * 150 m - chair lift Tagliede * 100 m cross country skiing trail * WiFi free
starting from
€ 25

Prices per person per day.


Ideas for children and families who smile in Livigno


When you organize your family holiday in the mountains is good to understand what to expect before departure from the planned activities and funny opportunities that Valtellina reserve to tourists, to prepare for the case of the children with what may be useful to adults and children, and finally, quietly enjoy the holidays.

Families, feel like at home during your holidays in Livigno!


We know that every families are different and that, even according to the children's daily routine and parents’ preferences, the needs of the holiday in the mountains could change so quickly!


For this reason we suggest you to evaluate the opportunity to take one of the cottages in the center of Livigno, with the certainty that the Bormolini Group style and the benefits of being in an apartment, you will choose the most appropriate solution.


Staying at Casa Rosalba or Casa Gallo you can enjoy all the amenities of the apartments (free WiFi, parking / garage, final cleaning and linen included) and also discount rate with Bormolini Group restaurants!


Summer and winter, it's always the right season!


If you are looking for ideas on things to do and see on holiday, you will always find interesting ideas in Livigno, both in winter and summer, thanks to an area rich in landscapes, trails and slopes to explore.


☀ In summer

Mountain bike & Bike Park

MTB in Livigno offers breathtaking routes at high altitude, ideal for all levels. The Bike Park, famous for its adrenaline lines and skill areas, is a paradise for enthusiasts. Between unspoilt nature and technical challenges, Livigno is a must for bikers.

Hiking & Trekking

Livigno is a dream destination for hiking and trekking, with trails surrounded by breathtaking alpine panoramas. From easy family walks to more challenging hikes, it offers itineraries for every level, venturing between majestic peaks and crystal-clear stretches of water.

Water sports on the Lake

Lake Livigno is a water sports gem, where you can kayak or stand-up paddle in a unique Alpine setting. Surrounded by imposing mountains, it offers crystal-clear waters and spectacular views, ideal for refreshing summer adventures.


La Golf Training Area di Livigno offre un'esperienza golfistica unica in alta montagna. Perfetta per praticare driving, putting e chipping in un contesto naturale mozzafiato, combina sport e natura alpina per un allenamento di golf indimenticabile.

Electric city bikes

Explore Livigno in a unique way with electric city bikes: perfect for all ages, they allow you to enjoy the Alpine scenery with ease. A relaxing and accessible experience to discover the beauty of the valley effortlessly. Ideal for family adventures.

A ride on the cycle path

Livigno's 17 km-long cycle and pedestrian path links the centre of Livigno to Lake Livigno via Val Alpisella, ideal for cyclists and pedestrians. It offers rest areas, playgrounds, a dog area and bike service. Perfect for families, it allows you to enjoy the panorama, walk or cycle in total safety.

Visit to the mountain pastures and the Livigno dairy

Discover Livigno's mountain pastures and dairies: a journey into Alpine dairy tradition. Visit where local cheeses and ricotta are made, immerse yourself in breathtaking natural scenery and enjoy unique tastings. An experience that connects with the life of the village and its ancient customs.


Climbing in Livigno offers vertical challenges for every level, from natural rock to boulders. Between breathtaking Alpine panoramas and technical walls, it is a paradise for climbers seeking adrenaline and natural beauty at high altitude. Ideal for experts and beginners.


❄ In Winter

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing in Livigno winds its way through picture-postcard snowy landscapes, with over 30 km of well-maintained trails suitable for all levels. Amid alpine silence and unspoilt nature, it offers various routes for classic and skating, ideal for beginners and advanced athletes. A unique experience in the heart of the Alps.

Alpine skiing

Alpine skiing in Livigno is an exciting experience with slopes for every level of difficulty, from gentle beginner slopes to daring tracks for experts. With state-of-the-art facilities and quality snow, it guarantees fun and challenges in a spectacular alpine landscape. Perfect for enthusiasts of all ages.

Free ride

Freeriding in Livigno turns its snowy mountains into a natural playground for adventure lovers. Offering fresh snow descents through forests and hidden valleys, it is ideal for those seeking adrenaline and freedom away from the groomed slopes. With dedicated and safe areas, it promises pure thrills in the heart of the Alps.

Heliskiing adventures

Heliskiing in Livigno takes skiing adventure to new heights, offering descents on unexplored slopes that can only be reached by helicopter. It is the ultimate experience for those seeking maximum adrenaline and breathtaking scenery, with exclusive access to virgin snow and unique Alpine views. Ideal for expert skiers looking for a challenge and unforgettable views.

Snowshoeing in nature

Snowshoeing in Livigno is the winter excursion par excellence, allowing you to immerse yourself in snow-covered Alpine landscapes with a slow, meditative approach. Wearing snowshoes, you can explore snow-covered paths, silent forests and solitary peaks, approaching nature in an authentic and respectful way.

Ice driving at the ice rink

Ice Driving at the Livigno Ice Drome offers a unique driving experience, allowing you to speed down ice tracks at the wheel of powerful cars. Ideal for motoring and adventure enthusiasts, it combines technique and fun in a spectacular alpine environment. An opportunity to test your driving skills in extreme conditions and learn new vehicle control techniques on snow and ice.


Snowmobile tours in Livigno offer an exciting adventure through great winter landscapes. Driving through snow-covered trails and quiet valleys, these excursions combine the adrenaline rush of speed with the natural beauty of the Alps. Ideal for those seeking a different experience in the snow, accessible to all, guaranteeing fun and discovery in a unique alpine environment.

Fat biking in the snow

Fat bike excursions transform Livigno's snowy landscapes into adventurous routes, thanks to special bicycles with wide tyres for excellent traction on snow. These excursions offer a unique mix of exercise and natural exploration, suitable for cyclists of all levels.

Ice skating

Ice skating in Livigno is an enchanting activity that combines sport, fun and winter magic. On its ice rinks, both indoor and outdoor, beginners and experienced skaters can dance on the ice, surrounded by a breathtaking Alpine panorama. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the winter season, sharing joyful moments with family and friends.

Mus Museum Visits!

A plunge into local culture and history, recounting the traditions and evolution of life in the mountains. Through interactive exhibits and curated collections, the museum invites visitors to discover Livigno's identity, from its ancient crafts to daily life in the Alps. An educational and engaging experience for visitors of all ages, perfect for enriching knowledge of the area and its cultural roots.

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