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photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
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Livigno Ski Dovolené 2022

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This offer has

Livigno Ski Dovolené 2022

Nabídka for your ski holidays in Valtellina

Vyberte si své oblíbené řešení z našich hotelů a prožijte mnoho emocí z nejkrásnějších prázdnin v Livignu




Why shackling your passion and wait uselessy for prices to go up when you can benefit from maximum value for your money?


Book early your snow week in Livigno, treat yourself to thrilling emotions on exciting ski slopes!


To get endless fun at the best bargain, slalom between the offers for skiing in Livigno and rely on the high quality of Bormolini Group's hospitality for a wonderful, and affordable, snow weeks on the slopes of the Valtellina Valley!


Do you enjoy being waited on hand and foot? Or perhaps you are one of those people who can't give up on their indipendence? No worries, our hotels offer a solution for all tastes:

Sporting photo
Hotel Sporting
Gem of the Group * wellness centre * swimming + baby pool * ideal for families * gourmet restaurant
starting from
€ 69
Hotel Loredana photo
Hotel Loredana
Mottolino side * 100 m - chair lift * 150 m cross country skiing trail * ok for bikers * traditional restaurant
starting from
€ 45
Casa Gallo photo
Casa Gallo
4 apartments * renovated in 2010 * 150 m - Skilift Galli Sport * garage free * WiFi free
prezzi a partire da
€ 34
Casa Rosalba photo
Casa Rosalba
4 apartments * town centre * 150 m - chair lift Tagliede * 100 m cross country skiing trail * WiFi free
starting from
€ 36

Prices per person per day.


7 ideas for your ski holidays in Livigno


The ski holidays in Livigno will become a recurring event for all ski slope fans, and not only. In fact, those fortunate enough to reserve a ski holiday offer for skiing in Valtellina will have lots of activities to add at the classic pleasure of skiing on the slopes of Livigno.


Here below are 7 ideas to have even more fun on your ski holidays, 7 like the days you will dedicate to your snow week in Livigno in our hotels.

  1. Heliski + freeride
    The activity most recommended for those who enjoy freeriding on the craziest deep powders: take the Heliski service, arrive by helicopter in the most inaccessible slopes of Livigno and begin the thrilling downhill freeride!
  2. Snowparks
    Snowboarders can unleash their craving for tricks and jumps thanks to the 3 snow parks of the ski area, the Amerikan Snowpark, Mottolino, and Carosello 3000. Between these, we recommend the Mottolino Snowpark, the best in Italy and the 3rd in Europe!
  3. Winter Events
    The winter season in Livigno is the time in which many events dedicated to the world of snow sports crowd the town centre and the slopes, such as the World Rookie Fest of January
  4. Cross-country skiing
    Try cross-country skiing in the trails of Livigno, where you can enjoying the tranquility of the woods.
  5. Ice Skating
    For a respectable week of skiing in Livigno you shouldn't miss an ice skate, on one of the many rinks available.
  6. Ice climbing
    Try the climbing experience on the ice walls of Livigno, accompanied by expert guides.
  7. Ski mountaineering
    Those who have never tried a ski mountaineering  guided experienced in Livigno should remedy immediatly: with the advice of those who know the territory perfectly, climbs and descents will be much easier!

Book now your offers for your skiing holiday in 2021/2022 and start to prepare: those who choose Livigno for living an adrenaline experience on the snow must be ready to have fun for the whole holiday!

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