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Livigno with your motorbike!

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15 Giugno 2019

Livigno with your motorbike!

Ideas and motorbike routes around and in Valtellina

Choose this special packet for bikers and enjoy all the emotion beetwen the mountain pass around Livigno!

With these last minute offer reserve to our biker,  you can enjoy your holiday with your motorcycle in one of the most beautiful places of Valtellina!

Forcola, Umbrail Pass, Giulia Pass, Bernina Pass, Stelvio Pass ... these are names that you will not forget after trying the offers and bike routes in the mountains that we suggest.

Discover the benefits of traveling by motorcycle in Valtellina, with full tank of petrol and Bormolini Group proposals:

Package for motorcyclists

From 86 € per person
N.B. Offer not combinable with other promotions


The best motorbike itineraries are around Livigno

Among the advantages of choosing precisely those offers for holidays in the mountains in motion that we can not boast in-depth knowledge of routes and itineraries to travel the most striking near Livigno and the most popular mountain passes.

In fact, with the wind that touches the skin and eyes full of mountain vistas, here are some of the places that you will remain in the heart thanks to offers for bikers in Valtellina!

In addition, remember that Livigno is a duty-free and that, among the many shops that are available in the center, no shortage of galleries dedicated to the great passion for motorcycles that unites us and that brings more and more tourists to discover the Engadine and Alta Rezia!

So take advantage of these packages for bikers in the mountains and lots more twists in search of adrenaline in the Alps in Livigno!

Do not waste time


Best Price Guaranteed and Exclusive Benefit



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