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Apartment Offer in Livigno

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Apartment Offer in Livigno

Early Booking offer packages for your holiday in Valtellina

Book your mountain holiday in advance is convenient!For that, come and discover Casa Gallo and Casa Rosalba amenieties, comfort and convenience are granted!

These offers of holiday apartments in Livigno want to give you a wonderful opportunity to relax, independence and savings, to 1,800 meters above sea level!

Choosing Casa Rosalba between the vacation rentals in Valtellina you have the advantage of being close to the pedestrian center of Livigno and, at the same time, being only 100 meters from the cycle path. However, for those seeking a typical mountain without sacrificing modern comfort, Casa Gallo is the best option!

Here are the main benefits included in the early booking packages for vacation rentals in Livigno:

and for Casa Gallo guest:

Vacation rentals in Livigno which remain at the heart

Once you have parked the car and we would have welcomed in the apartments of Casa Gallo or Casa Rosalba, the feeling of finally being away from home, on vacation, will collide with a feeling of familiarity that our apartments can give.

Here are some ideas that will make your holiday special in residence apartments in Livigno, so close that you will not need to get into the car to enjoy it:

It will be for the furnishings and services that we provide to our guests; it will be because when you do not want to cook, you can always take advantage discounts in our Sporting Restaurant or will be for the myriad of ideas on how to enjoy and relax during your stay in Livigno, but a growing number of guest who greet us by saying that Casa Gallo and Casa Rosalba have been the perfect setting for an unforgettable family week or a funny weekend with friends to repeat!

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