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Husky Village Livigno Package

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Husky Village Livigno Package

Try sledding dog during your next vacation in Valtellina

The Italian center husky dog ​​sledding village of Arnoga is close to our hotel, so book now your next holiday in Livigno!

Want to know what to do on holiday in Livigno to make your stay here truly special? Follow our advice and try dog ​​sledding on vacation in the Valtellina!

Now that you know how to add fun to the next vacation, you'll also love all the advantages of our hotels immediately near the Arnoga Husky Village and make the best deals for your stay in Livigno!

Hotel Sporting
Gem of the Group * wellness centre * swimming + baby pool * ideal for families * gourmet restaurant
Hotel Loredana
Mottolino side * 100 m - chair lift * 150 m cross country skiing trail * ok for b * traditional restaurant
Casa Gallo
4 apartments * renovated in 2010 * 150 m - Skilift Galli Sport * garage free * WiFi free
Casa Rosalba
4 apartments * town centre * 150 m - chair lift Tagliede * 100 m cross country skiing trail * WiFi free

Husky Village in Livigno: the adventure starts here


The center for dogsledding Husky Village is the place to start discovering the world of sled dogs with the valuable advice of the staff. You will be able to experience the thrill of learning how to drive the sled on the snow and to know the secrets of this sport , which was once the only means of transportation in places always snowy.
Anyone wishing to try dog sledding in Valtellina can find various kinds according, to the experience. If you have never driven sleds with huskies rest assured, there are also simple hiking base with a small course where you will learn the main commands to guide the dogs and the sled. In any case, everything takes place in complete safety under the supervision of expert guides.


It's always time to go hiking with huskies

If in winter husky dogs have fun in the snow between Bormio and Livigno, in summer they certainly don't go on vacation.

During summer in Livigno you can try the Husky Trekking in Valtellina, or a kind of trekking excursion guided by dogs (and instructors, of course). Each participant will be linked to one of the dogs trained, and will have to teach him commands to help him in the walk.

All the details about driving the husky and the safety precautions to be taken are explained before departure. Summer hiking Husky Village are suitable for adults and children who are at least 8 years.


Children & Dog Sledding: There are activities suitable for children?

Children up to 13 years, the elderly and people with disabilities can participate in excursions on sleds sitting in the bag of the sled guided by the instructor. In summer instead you can hike and educational sessions husky trekking from 8 years.

If you want to try this wonderful experience for your children before leaving regarded together the story of Balto: the cartoon tells the story of Balto, the dog (husky half and half wolf) who participated in the relay race of dog sledding to bring medicines into a Alaskan village blocked by snowstorms, thus saving the population from the epilogue of the terrible epidemic. Balto was just the foreman (head-changes in technical jargon) of the expedition, and his return was celebrated as a hero.

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