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Via Teola, 106
23030 Livigno (SO) Italia
Fax : +39 0342 996598
+39 0342 996330

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Good food, good sleep: Livigno's lifestyle

Hotel Loredana proposes 26 rooms in different types. All of them are spacious and suitable for families and groups of friends.

Standard amenities

Choosing the right type

The first step to your holidays in Livigno is choosing the room type to suit your requirements in terms of amenities and budget.
single bedroom interior design, Hotel Loredana

Double room for single occupancy

A carpeted room with wood furniture for a typical warm alpine setting. Similar to the Double and Triple Room, but slightly smaller.
interior design double bedroom, Hotel Loredana


The most popular option for romantic holidays in Livigno. Extra cot for infants on request (accommodation is free for infants age zero to two).
A functional room immersed in quiet and relaxing alpine surroundings, made even more appealing by a balcony with a view.
interior design triple bedroom, Hotel Loredana


Excellent solution for small families or groups of friends up to 3 guests.
Light and cosy, it blends in with the alpine environment.
Subdued hues and essential, functional decor; three beds plus a sofa, and a balcony with charming views.
interior design quadruple bedroom, Hotel Loredana


Ideal solution for small families or groups of friends up to 3/4 guests.
Pleasant setting with wood furniture, carpeted floor and warm and relaxing hues.
The room features a double bed and a bunk bed or a sofa bed.
interior design bedroom in the attic, Hotel Loredana


Great solution for small families or groups of friends; three/four guests. Cosy and pervaded by a typical quiet and essential environment. 
Two communicating rooms, which make this type ideal for couples with young children.
Excellent location for lifts and bus stop. Can almost ski back to hotel. Good food and friendly staff
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