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photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
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Via Teola, 106
23030 Livigno (SO) Italia
Fax : +39 0342 996598
+39 0342 996330

Loredana Hotel: Amenities

Summer or winter: Livigno is always a great destination

What do you expect from your Valtellina holidays? We believe Hotel Loredana will perfectly meet all your requirements. Our amenities prove it:

Leisure and wellness

After an active and exciting day skiing in Livigno, or after your favourite sports or a shopping spree (do not forget that Livigno is a duty free area!), it is always great to treat yourself to total wellness.

This is another good reason for choosing Hotel Loredana and its complimentary relaxation centre with sauna - the perfect way for keeping fit and relaxing your body and soul. 
We were there one week, 3rd time and will go next year too. The staff was always open for our questions, very polite and kind. Hotel and location is beautifull, food and wine sort is really great, 100% satisfaction, recommend for everyone who loves relax, ski mountains and good wine and food
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