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Via Rin, 156
23030 Livigno (SO) Italia
Fax : +39 0342 996598
+39 0342 996665

Casa Gallo: Amenities

Functionality and design for your holidays in the mountains

The apartment hotel formula has become a great favourite with guests wanting to make the best of their Livigno stay. It is a really convenient option all year round, not only for Valtellina skiing weeks.

Casa Gallo flats feature:
Very very nice family hotel Great staff!
We visited Loredana Hotel in January 2019.  It was great time. The hotel iść very nice, staff is like your family. You feel very comfortable. Food is very good - If you ask about some changes in the dish - the kitchen will do it for you. Hotel is very clean. Great location - you may go by foot to ski lift.Thank you for the nice holidays :) Best regards! I hope see you next year.
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Ewa U, | 17/02/2019