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photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
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Via Saroch, 1262
23030 Livigno (SO) Italia
Fax : +39 0342 996598
+39 0342 996665


Amenities and comfort for your holiday in Livigno

Dépendance Sporting in Livigno is pervaded by an informal and friendly atmosphere for relaxing and sports holidays, both in summer and winter.

Some of our strengths:

Specific Cycle-friendly hotel amenities. Find out more!

Longing for mountain biking in Livingo? We have the right amenities. See our dedicated page!
Great experience
We were on a combined biking and family holliday and luckily we chose this hotel. Pool and playroom kept our 3 year old happy for four days. There is a secure bike room with locker for gear and some tools. Carosello 3000 lift is only 100 meters away so it is very easy to start enjoying of the flow trails. Nearest bus stop for free public transport is about 30 meters from the hotel. Food and (we had half board) and service was always great. Staff was friendly and always ready to help. Children had their own buffet and there was some nice toys available for amusement. Owner even gave us a lift to Tirano because he was heading that direction at the same time when were leaving. If we make another trip to Livigno this will certainly be our pick again.
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markou376, | 01/07/2018