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photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
photo Bormolini Hotels, Valtellina
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Via Saroch, 1262
23030 Livigno (SO) Italia
Fax : +39 0342 996598
+39 0342 996665

Dépendance Sporting in Livigno

Close to Carosello 3000, the starting for your best holiday in Livigno

Skiing in Livigno has never been so convenient and charming! Yes, because Dépendance Sporting is situated just 50 metres from the Carosello 3000 ski lifts, from which you can easily ski along the whole Costa del Sol and enjoy over 70 km slopes; in addition, the cross-country skiing track is just 150 metres away.

You can reach the village centre by bus (stops in front of the hotel), or on foot (follow the cycle-pedestrian paths).

A lovely holiday for two

Valtellina, romantic holidays and weekends for two:  a perfect match. Just imagine...impressive terraces, where  grapes for fine DOC (Registered Designation of Origin) wines are grown, and the Trenino Rosso del Bernina  train - the perfect option for a dream trip all year round.

Passionate for mountain biking!

Dépendance Sporting is especially popular with mountain bikers in    Livigno and the Alta Rezia area, as we are in love with substantial wheels ourselves. That means we have in store a specific selection of amenities for you, like a workshop for simple repair, daily mountain biking guide service, GPS trail tracking,   Bike Transalp luggage transport, agreements with technical stores, and much, much more! Transalp, convenzioni con negozi tecnici e tanto altro ancora!
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